The diamond is among the oldest and rarest minerals on earth. Formed in the mantle, they are the result of the severe pressure and temperature levels put on carbon-containing minerals. Geologists inform us it takes between 1 to 3.3 billion years for the average diamond to finish its development. That means some stones are almost as old as the earth… Read More

It utilized to be that a plain gold wedding event ring was the most typical choice for guys when they got in into marital relationship. These days there are more choices in guys's wedding event rings than before. Platinum, tungsten and titanium have actually gotten in the scene. The traditional look is still offered, however the options are now a l… Read More

The sapphire rings are merely perfect for an engagement. They have actually emerged as a favorite option amongst the ladies of any ages. Since of the special look that they sport which is a welcome break from the prevalent diamond engagement rings, this is. Most of the women just have the tendency to choose the sapphire rings with the desire of mak… Read More